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Serving Southeast Louisiana

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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Mandeville/Covington, LA

Refrigerators, walk–in coolers, and walk–in freezers are an important part of a variety of commercial companies, such as restaurants, bars, small grocery stores, and cafeterias. These components need to have specialists work on them, whether for installation, repairs, replacement, or maintenance. You shouldn’t trust any refrigeration service work that your business in Mandeville, LA needs to anyone except the most experienced local company.

At Professional Heating & Air, we are proud to offer quality commercial refrigeration services for a wide variety of products. If you need a new walk–in freezer installed for your restaurant, or you want to replace an aging refrigerator at your convenience store, contact our commercial staff any time of the day or night to schedule the work. We also provide speedy repairs and the regular maintenance necessary to see that your equipment works its best all the time and provides your business with the support it needs.

The commercial refrigeration specialists at Professional Heating & Air offer installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services in Mandeville Covington, LA and the surrounding areas.

We Offer Commercial Refrigeration Installation and Replacement

Purchasing and installing new commercial refrigeration equipment is nothing like purchasing a residential refrigerator. The equipment is too complex for amateurs to take on, and if it is improperly sized and installed it will fail to do its job, leading to spoiled food and highly inefficient performance. Let our professionals at Professional Heating & Air help you select the refrigeration equipment that matches your company’s needs, and then let us install it for optimum performance.

You should also contact us if it is time to replace a failing older unit. Although repairs can sometimes keep an older freezer or cooler working for a few more years, at some point it’s more cost–effective to retire it and put in a new unit. Our technicians will help you weigh your options and decide if a replacement is the best route. After that, you can leave the rest of the hard work to us, and we’ll see that your business has top–of the line refrigeration equipment working at peak performance.

We Offer Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance

Considering the intricacy of modern commercial refrigeration, it’s surprising that the units don’t run into more repair problems than they do. Sturdy construction and precision engineering helps—as does professional installation. But at some point a commercial refrigerator, freezer, or cooler may need to have repairs. Call on our repair technicians right away when you notice problems since you don’t want to risk a full breakdown or an increase in your bills. We will see you receive the necessary repairs, done fast and right.

Maintenance is the best way to see that your equipment functions as it should throughout the year. We provide regular commercial refrigeration maintenance that will spot minor problems that could turn into major ones and have them taken care of ahead of time. Our maintenance services will also check that your equipment isn’t putting excessive strain on your power system and costing too much money to run. Count on us for the inspections and tune–ups that will protect your business investment in commercial refrigeration.

We Can Install and Service Your Walk–in Cooler

Walk–in coolers are vital parts of many restaurants and stores, and you should only entrust their installation to skilled commercial refrigeration professionals. Call us to schedule new installation, or to arrange for repairs and other services for the walk–in cooler that is already taking care of your business.

We Can Install and Service Your Walk–in Freezer

You cannot afford to have a freezer in your business that "sort of works." There is no middle ground with keeping frozen food, ice cream, and ice properly cooled. Let our experienced commercial refrigeration team at Professional Heating & Air install your walk–in freezer as well as take on the job of keeping it working through repairs and routine maintenance. We are available any time of the day or night for whatever your business in Mandeville Covington, LA needs for quality commercial refrigeration.

We Serve Southeast Louisiana