How Heat Pump Repairs Are Different from AC Repairs

February 26th, 2024

Heat pumps are the ideal choice for home comfort in our climate. Congratulations on choosing the most-efficient possible heating system you can get, all in one amazing package that also provides air conditioning! But if you’ve never had a heat pump before, you might have some questions. 

What makes a heat pump different from an air conditioner? What maintenance do heat pumps require? How are heat pump repairs different from air conditioning repairs? Don’t worry, we’ve got answers for you.

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Are UV Air Purifiers Safe?

February 12th, 2024

It’s a shocking fact: Americans, on average, spend well over 90% of our time indoors. This means we’re constantly breathing indoor air, full of the recirculated germs someone else has sneezed out and the odors from last night’s fried fish or your teenager’s sneakers. Depending on the time of year, it’s not always possible to fling all the windows open and get some fresh air.

That means that your best bet for breathing air that’s free of pathogens and smelly bacteria is an air purifier. Ultraviolet light is an amazing way to purify air and kill all those germs. But are UV air purifiers safe? Here’s what you need to know.

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Uncommon Heating Repairs You Might Run Into

January 15th, 2024

When it comes to heating repairs, there are some that are run-of-the-mill and some that happen maybe once in a lifetime. There are also issues that are unique to different types of heating systems. For example, you’ll never have to worry about a cracked heat exchanger in an electric furnace.

Since you’ve undoubtedly experienced the basic types of issues that can come up, let’s look at some unusual problems. Some need to be addressed immediately while some can wait. Whatever the issue, be sure to call us instead of Googling “repair heating system in Mandeville” We’re equipped to handle any issue, big or small, common or uncommon.

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Which Heating System Should You Install in Your Home?

January 1st, 2024

Your heating system has gone kaput and it’s time for you to make the decision about a new heating installation in Mandeville. Because you don’t use your heating system as much as your air conditioner, you may be tempted to simply replace it with the same type of system you had before. 

However, by taking some time and doing a bit of research, you may find out that another type of heating system would work better for your home comfort along with both your short-term and long-term budget. Let’s look at the three main types of heating systems that are available in today’s market. 

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Why Your Furnace’s Flame Sensor is So Important

December 18th, 2023

It’s a cold day in Louisiana and your gas furnace isn’t working. You’re wondering what could possibly be wrong. The symptoms are that the furnace turns on but then turns off after just a few seconds. It’s not short cycling because the furnace doesn’t stay on that long. What could it be?

For this unusual situation, the likely culprit is the flame sensor. Although you may not have experienced this before, it’s a common issue with gas furnaces. There may be a simple solution that’ll require calling us for furnace repair in Hammond. You should never attempt to work on your gas furnace yourself. Let’s dive into what a flame sensor does and what can go wrong.

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Repair or Replacement? How to Know What Your Heater Needs

December 4th, 2023
Money in the form of many large bills

One of the toughest decisions a homeowner will need to make throughout their years of home ownership is when to replace a heating system. While there’s something to be said for getting the most mileage out of a furnace or heat pump, eventually the time will come when it’s no longer cost-effective to keep it around.

That time usually comes when your heating system has broken down, prompting you to call us for heating repair service in Covington. For an expensive repair on an old system, we’ll always give you an honest opinion on whether it should be repaired or replaced. Let’s go over what factors influence this monumental decision.

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What Is a Standing Pilot and Why Does it Matter?

November 20th, 2023

This is a tricky subject for many readers. While we believe it’s important that everyone knows exactly what a standing pilot light is, newer furnaces are simply built without them. Now, if you’re asking, “How does a furnace work without a pilot light?” then you’re starting to ask the right questions.

In order to help our customers the most, we’ll need to do a deep dive into pilot lights. We’ll discuss what they are, why they work the way they do–and most importantly, why they’ve been phased out since the early 2000s.

Just remember that even if your furnace doesn’t have a standing pilot light, it still shouldn’t be fixed or opened up by an untrained person. Only a licensed furnace professional should handle the inner workings of a gas furnace, otherwise, you could experience safety concerns or fire hazards!

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How Reducing Your Thermostat Temperature Can Result in Fewer AC Repairs

November 6th, 2023
a temperature gauge showing just the right temperature

When it’s hot outside, it’s natural to want to crank the AC down low. You want your home to feel comfortable as quickly as possible. Many people think that turning the AC way down is the best way to achieve that.

However, not only is setting the AC too low not going to achieve that, but it’s also incredibly hard on your air conditioning system. Your AC isn’t designed to make your home feel like an ice box–it has its limitations. Let’s go over how important it is to resist the urge to set the thermostat in the 60s. By increasing the temperature, you’ll feel more comfortable and it’ll also keep you from needing AC repair.

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How to Take Care of Your Smart Thermostat

October 23rd, 2023
woman adjust smart thermostat

Your thermostat is the brains behind your HVAC system. As such, it needs to be in good working order for it to control your HVAC system well. The thermostat plays an important role in regulating your home’s temperature. 

Thermostat problems can cause issues, such as temperature inconsistencies, increased energy use, faulty readings, and could even cause your HVAC system to not function properly.

Luckily, taking care of your thermostat is an easy DIY homeowner task. Here are some things to add to your homeowner’s DIY maintenance list that’ll keep your smart thermostat in great condition.

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7 DIY AC Maintenance Tasks We Encourage

October 9th, 2023

As much as we love our customers, we’d like to see you as little as possible. That’s why we strongly encourage homeowners to know as much as they can about maintaining their home comfort systems.

When you rely on your air conditioner as much as you do in Mandeville, LA, knowing DIY maintenance tasks is essential. Although there’s no substitute for annual AC tune-ups from our team, there are many things you can and should do to maintain your AC. Here are 7 DIY AC maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to stay cool during our hot and humid weather.

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