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It’s Time to Schedule AC Maintenance


It’s that time again! The springtime weather is gorgeous, but you know it won’t be long before the heat will be sweltering. You don’t want to be caught unprepared! Get ready for the summer by scheduling your air conditioner maintenance now. 

How important is AC maintenance, you ask? Well, we’re glad to have a chance to explain it to you! We’ll tell you all about the air conditioner maintenance process and the many benefits you’ll enjoy once you’ve had it done.

Why Schedule AC Maintenance Now

Don’t wait until it’s already hot enough that you need to use your air conditioner. Get ahead of the curve and schedule your maintenance appointment right away. You’ll be able to find a time that works well for you, and our calendar is more open, too. And once it’s done, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the spring with no worries.

What AC Maintenance Includes

While there are many individual steps on an AC maintenance technician’s checklist, they’re really performing four overall tasks on various parts of the system.

  • Cleaning: Last year’s dirt and grime will be cleaned away. Insulating sweaters of dust and pet hair will be removed. The condensate pan and drain will be washed.
  • Lubricating: The moving parts within the air conditioner will be greased so they’ll glide smoothly. This includes things like the fan and the bearings in the blower motor.
  • Inspecting: With all that cleaning done, your technician will have a clear view of all the components of your air conditioner. They’ll make sure everything is in good condition, in the proper position and alignment. This includes inspecting the coils—as much as 75 feet in length—to make sure there are no weakened areas where refrigerant can leak through.
  • Testing: Air conditioners are electrical appliances. This means it has components that require testing, such as measuring the amperage of power that the motor is drawing, or testing the thermostat for proper calibration and recalibrating as needed.

The Benefits of AC Maintenance

Having this service performed every single year is the best possible investment you can make in your air conditioner. Here are the ways it will benefit you.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing at the start of the season that your air conditioner is up and ready to go will be a weight off your mind. And since maintenance drastically reduces the need for AC repairs and the likelihood of sudden breakdowns, you’ll be avoiding all that stress as well.
  • Repair Costs: When we said maintenance reduces the risk of your air conditioner requiring repairs, we meant by 85%! That’s pretty incredible, and it means saving a lot of money on repairs you’d otherwise need.
  • Efficiency: Another cost you can eliminate with maintenance is your energy use gradually increasing, which will happen if you don’t have that AC unit professionally cleaned, lubricated, and tuned up.
  • Lifespan: With no maintenance ever, your air conditioner might only survive for 5-8 years. With annual maintenance, it can last twelve or more! Don’t pay for a new air conditioner years before you should have to.

Reach out to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Mandeville, LA or to ask any questions you may have about your AC system.

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