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It’s Time to Go with a Heat Pump!

Monday, April 25th, 2022

When you hear the term “heat pumps,” the first thing that may come to mind is a system for warming your home during cold winter days.

If you’re a resident of Hammond and the greater Louisiana area, heat is probably the last thing you want for most of the year. You might therefore be tempted to dismiss heat pumps as something you’ll never need. 

What you might not know is that heat pumps aren’t just for heating. They’ll warm your home during the cold season and cool it during the hotter months. 

Heat pumps are an exceptional HVAC choice for homes that need an all-year-round comfort system, especially in regions like Louisiana that experience mild winters and prolonged summers.

In this review, we explain everything you need to know about heat pumps and why they might be perfect for your home.

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Have You Thought About Zone Control?

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

One thing’s for sure: when it comes to your air conditioner, you want to be absolutely sure that it is working as efficiently and as effectively as possible. But, how can you do this? Well, for one, you can consider making upgrades designed to enhance your cooling capabilities.

What are we talking about?

We are talking about adding a zone control system! Zone control gives you ultimate control over your cooling and heating systems, increasing efficiency and leaving you with more money on your pockets! Below, we have listed just some of the many reasons why you should consider installing a zone control system in your home. Keep reading to find out more.

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Is Zone Control the Answer to Your AC Problems?

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

family-comfortableAfter you get your central air conditioner, there will be a world of difference in how comfortable you’ve become during the summer months. You’d certainly never want to go back to not having central AC.

Even then, we still hear some common complaints regarding home comfort that simply can’t be solved by your basic professional air conditioning service in Hammond, LA. What these complaints all have in common, however, is that zone control systems can help.

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The Advantages of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Monday, July 10th, 2017

ductless-mini-splitSummers are too hot and humid in our part of the world to go without proper air conditioning in your home, and while most homes are accustomed to traditional centralized air conditioning systems, they’re not the only type of system out there. Ductless mini-split systems provide a viable alternative for homes that can support a centralized system, or homes whose older centralized system just isn’t doing the job. What are ductless mini-split systems and what kind of advantages do they provide? Read on for the answers.

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Replace Your Aging Air Conditioner Today

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Spring is here in Hammond, LA, and we can already feel the heat index rising. You’re going to need your air conditioner to function every day, and if yours is starting to look a little long in the tooth, now is the time to do so. We’ve talked a lot about determining when you old air conditioner needs to be replaced, and we haven’t talked about the specific benefits you can enjoy by replacing an old air conditioner with a new one. Mot people adopt the notion of running their existing air conditioning system into the ground before replacing it, but if your system is struggling and its warranty has expired, there’s really no reason to wait.

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Why Should I Upgrade to an Air Conditioner with a Higher SEER Rating?

Monday, April 4th, 2016

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, now is the time to buy. Spring has arrived in Ponchatoula, LA, and that means another sweltering Louisiana summer can’t be far behind. Replacing your air conditioner now gives you the time to perform the operation according to your timetable instead of scrambling to perform an installation in front of an oncoming heat wave. A new air conditioner requires you to carefully evaluate a number of different factors, not the least among them is a SEER rating. The term stands of Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and it measures how effectively your air conditioner uses energy. You should always buy a new air conditioner with a higher SEER rating than your old one. Why? Here’s a quick set of guidelines.

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What Are SEER Ratings?

Monday, September 21st, 2015

With fall coming to Hammond, LA, we’re finally at a point where you can turn off your air conditioner for a few days. And if you have an older air conditioner, now is the time to think about replacing it.  When looking for a new air conditioner, pay careful attention to the SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more efficient the air conditioner. What are SEER ratings specifically, and how do they work? Read on for the answers.

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What Factors Go Into Air Conditioning Sizing?

Monday, August 31st, 2015

If you’re purchasing a new air conditioner, you need to know how powerful it should be to adequately cool your home. Undersized air conditioners simple won’t do the job, while oversized ones will short cycle – turning on and off too rapidly – which wastes power and adds undue strain on the system. (Air conditioners use most of their power starting up and shutting down, which is why you want yours to run for at least 15 minutes every time it turns on.) Both of those situations can cost you a great deal of money in monthly bills and add to the risk of a breakdown, which is a serious concern here in Hammond, LA, where our summers are blisteringly hot. A good technician can perform proper calculations on your home to determine the properly sized air conditioner for you. But what factors go into air conditioner sizing? Here’s a quick rundown.

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Are Heat Pumps Right for My Home?

Monday, June 1st, 2015

We’re all used to traditional central air conditioning systems, and for the most part, they do a very good job. But they’re not the only type of system out there, and if you live in Hammond, LA, they might not even be the best system for you. Heat pumps, in particular, make an attractive alternative to traditional systems, and if you’re looking to consolidate heating and cooling into one set. Heat pumps work very well in our sultry southern climate, but are they right for your home? Here’s a quick primer to help you decide.

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3 Things You Should Know about Air Conditioning Replacement

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Finding a new air conditioner can be a stressful experience, but a lot less so if you have the right technicians to work with you. A quality air conditioning technician will help you find the most efficient system for your money, and make sure that everything is secure and operating properly.

Sooner is better than later

If at all possible, replace your air conditioning system before it breaks down. Of course, it’s difficult to determine if your air conditioning system is on the verge of breaking down. But if you find yourself making frequent repairs for a unit that is over ten years old, early AC replacement may simply be more cost-effective. Sometimes, it is more expensive to remove a broken-down system than it is to replace a working one, especially if it’s early enough in the season that replacement is not urgent. Scheduling replacement early allows you time to choose an efficient system that will help you to save money later on.

A unit that is too big or too small may cause a lot of trouble

If your air conditioning system is not the correct size for the layout of your home, there are a number of problems you could encounter. An undersized system won’t get the job done, but it may run for a long time to try to condition the home, using up energy and failing sooner than its expected lifespan. And if it’s too large, an air conditioner may start and stop frequently, wearing down the components. But installer beware: the existing system needing replacement may not be the proper size, so the home should be reassessed before any installation.

Refrigerant must be measured out precisely upon installation

Adding refrigerant to an air conditioning system is not as simple as you might guess. You must have the right amount of refrigerant for the size of your unit, or else your home may not cool down quickly enough. What’s worse is that you may encounter compressor damage or a frozen coil, among other issues. Professionals can determine just how much refrigerant is necessary, and they have the proper certifications to handle it.

Professional installation is key to efficiency and proper performance. Call the professional technicians at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning replacement in Hammond, LA.

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