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Is Zone Control the Answer to Your AC Problems?

family-comfortableAfter you get your central air conditioner, there will be a world of difference in how comfortable you’ve become during the summer months. You’d certainly never want to go back to not having central AC.

Even then, we still hear some common complaints regarding home comfort that simply can’t be solved by your basic professional air conditioning service in Hammond, LA. What these complaints all have in common, however, is that zone control systems can help.

“I only use the AC in a couple rooms, why do I have to pay for all my rooms to be cooled?”

You don’t have to, actually, if you use a zone control system. In the simplest terms, a zone control system allows you to control the temperature of each room individually. Each room has its own thermostat that you’ll configure and schedule according to your needs.

This means you can still use every room for heating and cooling, but only when you need to. Have a guest room that isn’t used 11 months out of the year? Just don’t turn on its thermostat. But what about when your relative comes to stay for a week? Simply turn on the AC!

As you can imagine, you’ll get much better savings on your energy bill this way. Compare that to your basic AC setup, an “all-or-nothing” approach that treats all the rooms or none of them.

“This one room is always hot!”

This problem has existed since the creation of homes—it’s simply a part of nature. “Hot spots” are the rooms of the house that are always a few degrees warmer than the rest. This is usually because these rooms are upstairs, where heat rises. At other times, the room might just be unfortunate enough to be sitting in the sun for most of the day.

Even with a central air conditioner, a stubborn hot spot might not cool down enough for your comfort. In these cases, a zone control system’s ability to control the room individually will bring relief. Without one, you’d be forced to crank up the AC for every single room in the home, not just the one that’s afflicted with heat—and that’s going to be inefficient.

“My family always complains that it’s too cold or too hot, but it’s perfect for me.”

We all operate at different temperatures. While some of us are content with shorts and t-shirts, others can’t function without a sweater and pants. If you’ve ever lived with this dynamic, you understand that one person’s room temperature is another person’s icebox.

Plus, for those who are sensitive to dry air, a low AC temperature can complicate this issue. They might be prone to waking up with a dry and scratchy throat due to the AC blasting all night.

Luckily, with the individual thermostat settings of a zone control system, everyone can enjoy the air at the temperature that’s comfortable for them. It will even be more efficient since the lowest temperature doesn’t have to dominate the entire home. Of course, keep in mind that for those times where the family shares the same room, zone control can’t help—you’ll just have to bundle up with some blankets.

Is zone control the answer to all of your problems? We can help you find out. When you need it done right, contact Professional Heating & Air.

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