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Fireplace Repair & Installation in Mandeville/Covington, LA

When you choose to have a fireplace installed inside your house or as a fixture in your backyard, there are a range of traditional and modern styles to suit your needs. Of course, fireplace installation is going to require some remodeling and renovating of your home or property. It may also require knowledge of installing gas lines. In other words: this isn’t a project you want to take lightly.

Contact Professional Heating & Air to learn more about our fireplace installation and repair services.  

Nothing beats the comprehensive service from a large company. Yet, large companies can’t hold a candle to the customer service and attention that small companies bring. Our aim is to combine the best of both and bring it to your door by providing the best HVAC needs, including fireplace installation and repair in the greater Mandeville Covington, LA area. For exceptional service, get in touch with us today.

Contact us today to request an estimate for fireplace service. When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air.

Fireplace Installation / Replacement

There are several choices for heating systems on the market, but nothing beats the charm and versatility of a fireplace. Professional Heating & Air in Mandeville, LA can help you choose the right fireplace for your home. Some may prefer a rustic fireplace that looks fitting of the countryside, while others may have a more modern and chic appearance in mind. Style, combined with the choice of fuel, are all factors that you must consider before installing a fireplace.

And we’re no stranger to fireplace replacement, either. If your fireplace is decades old, you can drastically improve your air quality and heating expenses by upgrading to a newer fireplace. While the chimney of a fireplace may last for several generations, the fireplace itself must be updated after about 20 years in order to prevent it from becoming a fire hazard. Call us today and we can help you find out if now is the time for fireplace replacement.

Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

It may seem like there’s not much to operating a fireplace. So, why would they need repairs and maintenance? No matter what type of fireplace you own, it’s essential that you keep it running at the highest standard of safety. That means having it maintained regularly as wrell as addressing any fireplace repair issues. Professional Heating & Air offers fireplace repair services in Mandeville, and we’d love a chance to earn your business. 

Why do you need maintenance? A gas fireplace will carry all the issues that can come with gas burners, pilot lights, thermocouples, and more. Keeping these components clean and operating properly is the key to avoiding fire hazards. Neglecting fireplace maintenance can also bring about gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. Each fireplace, regardless of fuel type, must be maintained in accordance with its unique design and function.

Fireplace Maintenance and Installation Experts in Mandeville, LA

If you need help with your fireplace, it doesn’t matter what it is—give us a call and we’ll help however we can. All of our technicians perform work in accordance with our mission statement: "To provide excellent service to each and every customer from the most professional and skilled technicians in the industry."

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