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April Francis's Profile Image
April Francis, This year

Seth was great! Great attitude and personality. Great time response.

Paula Allen's Profile Image
Paula Allen, This year

Alex was professional and polite. He explained everything in a way that you knew exactly what he was doing and what he found.

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Tangylon Mosley, This year
angie rogers's Profile Image
angie rogers, This year

Air went out at 4:30 pm. They had it back on by 7:30! Wonderful service!!

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Janice Russo, This year
Summer Kavalir's Profile Image
Summer Kavalir, This year

Consistently awesome! I met James (the owner) a few years ago for an inspection on a home my clients were interested in buying and had such a pleasant experience with him that I held on to his car and three years later called him for another need in the Hammond area. Another tech -Steven- helped this time and was on time, professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Can't recommend these guys enough. The I ladies in the front office were helpful and kind when I needed to schedule/reschedule and providing quotes in a timely manner. What more could you ask for? Call them! You're supporting a good business and getting great honest service in return.

Joshua Duncan's Profile Image
Joshua Duncan, This year

Helpful quality service, fast!

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pam Cowart, This year
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Robin Dillon, This year
jamie zernott's Profile Image
jamie zernott, This year

trustworthy with great service