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4 Emergency Heating Repair Situations

Although Louisiana residents don’t use their heaters nearly as much as their air conditioners, you want your heater to work when you need it. With our usually mild winters, it’s easier to overlook a heater that isn’t functioning at peak performance. 

However, there are some heater scenarios that when they happen, shouldn’t be ignored. From unusual noises and smells to a system that’s short cycling, here are 4 signs that you may need emergency heating repair in your Mandeville, LA home.

1. Heater Doesn’t Turn On

You should be able to count on your heater for consistent warmth when the weather turns cold. If temperatures have dropped and your heater won’t even turn on, this warrants an emergency so we can get your heater running as quickly as possible. 

Perhaps the system turns on and seems to be working, but there’s no noticeable warm air leaving the vents and your home remains the same temperature. This could be caused by a blocked duct.

2. Your Heater Keeps Turning Off

Dealing with a heater that turns itself off before it completes a heating cycle is just as annoying–and potentially dangerous–as a heater that won’t turn on in the first place. This situation is called short cycling. 

Short cycling means that something is interfering with the heater’s ability to complete a heating cycle and it’s a sign that you’re flirting with a breakdown. Short cycling can happen because the furnace is overheating. It also puts enormous stress on the heater and should be addressed ASAP to avoid a complete breakdown in service.

4.  There Are Unusual Noises

The only noise your heater should make is the sound of it turning off and on and air flowing from the vents. If you’re noticing some new, loud, and unusual noises, this can indicate a slew of issues. Strange noises that you may hear include banging, rattling, screeching, scraping, hissing, grating, and clicking. This last noise is one that you want to pay particular attention to and here’s why.

If you hear the clicking sound when you initially turn the heater on, when the igniter isn’t getting gas, it’ll make a clicking noise as it tries to spark a flame. The ignitor will keep clicking as it tries and fails to ignite. This could indicate that there’s a clogged gas valve or there could be a dangerous leak in the gas line. You should turn the heater off and call us for emergency repairs. 

If you hear the clicking sounds at the end of a heating cycle after the blower motor turns off, this could indicate that there are cracks in the furnace’s metal heat exchanger. These micro-cracks aren’t visible to the eye but they could be letting carbon monoxide gas seep into your home. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs and your carbon monoxide alarm is going off, this is a situation that warrants turning the heater off and calling for emergency repairs.

We’re here to help with any HVAC emergencies you may encounter. When you need it done right, contact Professional Heating & Air.

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