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These AC Problems Could Be Making Your Air Quality Worse


Nothing feels better than a cool air conditioner on a warm day… Unless that air conditioner is also spewing dust and contaminants. Your skin might feel cool, but dirty or smelly air really spoils the overall comfort! Especially if that air has a chance of making you ill, or triggering your allergy or asthma symptoms.

If your AC ever lowers your air quality, it’s probably going to be for one of these reasons:

Dirty Ducts

Duct cleaning isn’t something you need every season, and not every home will even require it annually. It can depend a lot on your environment.

That being said, think about all the dust that accumulates in your home. It’s estimated that the average home accumulates nearly 40 pounds of dust on an annual basis. Some of them is going to find its way inside your air ducts where it will just keep building.

With enough time and dust, the force of your air conditioner can blow that dust into your home. If you ever feel like you have to dust your tables and shelves more often than usual, dirty ducts might explain why. Have an expert do it for you, however, because an amateur can make the problem worse by using the wrong techniques.

Dirty Sock Syndrome

This is problem that couldn’t have been given a more accurate name to describe itself. If you smell the air coming out of your air vents and find it to be like that of dirty gym socks, then you’ve got yourself an air quality issue. Since this problem can lead to the spread of mold and mildew spores, it’s advised that you have it taken care of right away by an expert of air quality and air conditioning repair in Ponchatoula, LA.

Dirty sock syndrome typically develops in areas with higher humidity, especially for homeowners whose heating and cooling systems share the same set of ducts. The temperature conditions, along with dirt and dust in the ducts, can lead to the growth of mold on the evaporator coil. This will create the dirty sock smell.

Duct Issues

The ducts are the middleman between you and your AC. If there’s nothing wrong with the AC itself, then the ducts are the likely culprit for your air quality issues.

One common way this happens is through duct leaks. Duct leaks are a problem to begin with since they can be a huge drain on your energy. Other than that, the issue is that they’ll pull in the dust and contaminants from outside of the leak (i.e., the air in your attic or crawlspace!). If there are any deceased pests or contaminants near the leak, they’ll get sucked into the ducts and end up in your home.

Although less common, it’s also possible for objects in the ducts to lower air quality. This can be things like pieces of insulation or the carcasses of pests.

If your air doesn’t feel right, you might need some air quality assistance. Contact Professional Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment. When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air.

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