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Causes of Low Air Flow in Your Heater

Your heating system may not see as much use as your air conditioning system here in Hammond, LA, but it still has to hold the line on our chilly nights, and when it runs into problems, you need to treat them just as swiftly as you do your air conditioning. Take the question of low air flow, for instance. It doesn’t sound like a huge deal – the air from your furnace simply moves through your home more slowly – but in fact it can spell big trouble. Not only does it take longer for your heater to do its job, raising your monthly bills and increasing stress on the system to boot, but if the hot air isn’t moving, then it will likely just sit in your heater: raising the temperature of internal components and running the risk of a serious breakdown. If you detect low air flow in your heater, shut it off and call in a service professional immediately. The causes are varied, but can include the following.

Fan Issues

Fan issues can include a bent or a broken fan blade, diverting the flow of air, or a faulty fan motor, preventing it from generating sufficient force to move the air. Fan motor problems can stem from electrical shorts or from an internal issues within the motor itself.


Blockages tend to be more common than fan issues. If you haven’t changed your air filter in a while, then the build-up on it may be restricting air flow. There might also be a blockage in the ducts somewhere, or perhaps a breach in the ducts that is preventing the heated air from getting where it’s going. A trained service professional can seal the breach of clear up the blockage.

Call A Professional today if you detect low air flow in your heater!

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