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How do Dehumidifiers Work?

Hammond, LA, has more than warm temperatures in the summer. It features stifling humidity too, which can be as much of an impediment to your comfort as high temperatures. An excess of humidity in your home can leave your skin feeling damp and clammy, as well as making the air feel much hotter than it actually is. Furthermore, high humidity levels encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, which can present a considerable danger to your household. The solution is to install a whole-house dehumidifier, which lowers the humidity and provides a number of benefits in the bargain. Here’s a quick primer on how dehumidifiers work.

Like an Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner actually serves as a de facto dehumidifier, though it’s not effective in that role and excess humidity can put a serious strain on the system. As it lowers the temperature of the air, the airborne moisture coalesces into droplets of condensation. (The effect stems from the same principle that creates dew in the early morning hours, the coolest hours of the day.) In an air conditioner, those droplets are collected in a condensation pan and removed from the system with a drain line. A dehumidifier simply does that on a more direct level: lowering the air temperature and collecting the condensation in order to lower the humidity in your house.

The Benefits

Relative humidity levels should be at about 50% or lower in order for you to feel comfortable. A dehumidifier installed by an expert can provide that for you as a matter of course: reducing the spread of molds and bacteria and removing that stagnant muggy feeling from the air. Furthermore, it can reduce the strain on your air conditioner considerably, helping it do its job more efficiently. That can lower the cost of your monthly heating bills as well as helping your air conditioner last longer.

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