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Why Are Commercial HVAC Systems Modular?

If you own or operate a business here in Hammond, LA, then heating and air conditioning systems are a high priority for you. You need them to function at the top of their game every day, lest they fail just when you need them the most: driving away customers and leaving both employees and vital equipment like computers significantly worse for wear. You may have noticed that most commercial HVAC systems adopt a modular approach: using numerous smaller units, usually mounted on the roof, instead of one larger unit which you typically have in a residential building. Why are commercial HVAC systems modular? As with many aspects of business, it’s the most expedience means of doing the job.


Business needs are constantly evolving, and you never know when you’re going to require a space that is warmer or cooler than the one you have now. Perhaps you’ll add more computers or increase the number of employees, requiring a shift in the power output of your system. In the event you manage a business space, you may have new occupants coming and going, perhaps with vastly different heating and cooling needs. Modular systems allow you to adapt to whatever the circumstances are easily, simply adding or subtracting new units instead of having to install an entirely new system anytime something changes.

Contained Damage

Sooner or later, every system suffers a breakdown. In the business world, it can be disastrous: turning your building into an uncomfortable place to be and driving away customers in the bargain. But with modular systems, a breakdown is usually limited to one unit only, leaving the rest to carry the load until you can schedule repairs. It mitigates the damage and makes repair issues much simpler.

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