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Why Is Dust and Dirt a Problem for My Heater?

Heaters usually come with air filters designed to catch dust, dirt and other particles  before it can spread into the system (or your ducts).  Normally filters need to be replaced every month or so, and you can pick up inexpensive replacements at any hardware store in Hammond, LA. But before you do so, you may want to consider a more thorough solution: a whole-house air cleaner. Not only will it keep your home more free of dust and dirt, but it will also keep dirt out of your heating system itself. Considering the operation problems that excessive dust and dirt can cause, it could be the best decision for your heater you ever made.

Clogged Burners

Most furnaces in the area are forced-air furnaces, which heat the air directly before blowing it into your home. That relies on a system of burners, but too much dust and dirt can create clogs in the burners that shut them down. Your heater will thus struggle to heat your home, raising energy costs and the possibility of repair in equal measures.  A good maintenance session can clear up those clogs, but the right air filtration system can do much the same thing.


A forced-air furnace uses a fan powered by a fan motor to get the heated air into your home. But excessive dust and dirt creates a problem there too. It increases friction on moving parts, which can cause the component to overload if left unchecked. More importantly, increased friction means your system needs to spend more energy to do its job, and once again, your heating bills will go up. An air cleaner removes a lot of that friction, in addition to improving the quality of your indoor air overall.

Talk to A Professional Heating and Air today to see about installing an indoor air cleaner.

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