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7 DIY AC Maintenance Tasks We Encourage


As much as we love our customers, we’d like to see you as little as possible. That’s why we strongly encourage homeowners to know as much as they can about maintaining their home comfort systems.

When you rely on your air conditioner as much as you do in Mandeville, LA, knowing DIY maintenance tasks is essential. Although there’s no substitute for annual AC tune-ups from our team, there are many things you can and should do to maintain your AC. Here are 7 DIY AC maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to stay cool during our hot and humid weather.

1. Air Filter Maintenance

The easiest DIY maintenance task is also the most important: changing your AC’s air filter on a regular basis. What’s regular? The average estimate is every 1-3 months. And how do you know when to change it? When it’s visibly clogged with dust and dirt. If you have pets in the home or a large household, you may need to change the AC filter every month when your AC is in use.

2. Remove Any Obstructions From the Exterior Condenser

The reason you change the air filters is to maximize airflow. The same is true for why you need to make sure the outdoor unit is free and clear of obstructions or plant growth. Make sure there’s a good 3-foot perimeter that’s free of objects, tall grass, or any type of obstruction.

3. Clean the Condenser

If there is visible dirt, leaves, pollen, branches, or plant growth on the condensing unit, use a broom to gently remove it. Turn off the power to the AC when doing this kind of maintenance. Always move in the direction of the fins so you don’t accidentally bend them out of shape. 

4. Keep Your Indoor Vents Open

Contrary to popular belief, closing a vent in one room doesn’t increase airflow to another room. Central AC systems are designed to work as one cohesive unit and this includes your home’s vents. For efficient operation, the vents need to be opened and unobstructed. Clear away any furniture or storage items that may be in the way of your vents.

5. Evaluate Your Ductwork

Once a year, evaluate your ductwork. Make a visual inspection for any holes, tears, or areas where ducts don’t seem completely connected. If you see anything unusual, give us a call. Your ductwork is what carries the conditioned air you pay for to the rooms of your homes and the last thing you want is openings where that precious cool air can escape.

6. Clean the Condensate Line

Your AC collects moisture and deposits it through the condensate line. This line has a narrow opening that can become clogged with dirt and even mold. Turn off the AC and then pour 1/4 cup of distilled vinegar to ensure the drain line clearing is free of any obstructions.

7. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Sure, you can’t do the in-depth maintenance that we do, but making the call to schedule the service should definitely be on your list of annual homeowner tasks. Ideally, it’s done before the cooling season starts but your AC will benefit from tune-ups year-round.

When you need it done right contact Professional Heating & Air.

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