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Add Some Upgrades When Installing a New Air Conditioner

Spring is here and that means summer can’t be far behind. Here in Kenner, LA, our air conditioning service technicians are standing by to install new cooling systems as replacements for older or more worn-out air conditioners. Now is the perfect time of year to replace your existing air conditioner, since temperatures are still mild and you won’t feel the heat during the time it takes to perform the installation. You might also want to add some upgrades when installing a new air conditioner, taking advantage of new advancements to improve your system. What kinds of air conditioning upgrades should you consider?

A brief list of some of the more popular options appears below:

 Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems are often associated with ductless air conditioning systems, though variations can easily be installed in existing centralized systems. They consist of a series of valves and shutters placed in your ductwork that divide the home into specific sections. Each section has its own thermostat and control panel, allowing you to control the temperature individually rather than heating the house all at once. For example, you could turn the air conditioner up high in the kitchen while you cook over a hot stove while leaving it off in the living room where another family member is watching TV. You can even turn off the air conditioner in parts of the house you aren’t using, helping you save money on monthly bills in the process.


Thermostats often make a fairly painless upgrade, since new units can often be installed in the exact same spot the old one was.  New thermostats often contain a host of attractive features, including smart systems that learn to adjust the temperature based on your regular habits, and remote activation systems that let you turn on the air conditioner when you’re away from home.

Regardless of what you have in mind, you can use a professional HVAC service to add some upgrades when installing a new air conditioner. The experts at A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning provide quality air conditioning services in Kenner, LA. Give us a call to make an appointment today. You’ll be glad you did!

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