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The Advantages of Commercial Rooftop ACs

commercial-air-conditioningCommercial spaces need air conditioners just as much as residential spaces do. Indeed, they often have greater need for it since most of us spend our days in commercial spaces instead of our homes. In addition to cooling a larger space, commercial air conditioners have specific needs that they must meet – such as keeping computer systems and other important components from getting too hot – and they must perform without fail day in and day out. Otherwise, your entire business could come screeching to a halt.

Because of that, we often recommend the installation of commercial rooftop ACs in spaces that can facilitate it. The strongest objection to such systems is that they will be exposed to the elements, but they are built for that kind of toughness. In exchange, they offer some significant advantages.

Space to Expand

Businesses are often pressed for space to run their operations, and every square foot you can save means space that can be used for work stations, storage and parking. Placing a commercial AC system on the roof means that you don’t have to give up any of that space just to keep cool, helping to make the most out of your available resources.

Furthermore, most businesses need to grow and change in order to meet new needs and services. This often entails an expansion of the existing air conditioner in order to become more powerful to meet a larger staff or similar new demands. Rooftop system are typically modular, which means they consist of multiple units that can be added and subtracted as the need arises. If you require more cooling power, the technician can simply add a new unit (as opposed to having to replace the entire system). The rooftop makes a perfect place for that because it gives you a great deal of room to expand. Attempting to do so inside the building is a lot more difficult.

Added Convenience

A problem with your air conditioner can bring your entire operation to a halt: driving away customers and forcing employees to work in hot conditions (if not sending them home outright). But repairs and replacement can be tricky if you need them: forcing your workers to compete with the technician for space and sometimes resources. Rooftop units provide an easy way around that. The technician can work safely while the rest of your staff goes about their jobs, neither one getting in the other’s way. Rooftop placement also makes it easier to get heavy equipment in and out: simply lifting it with a crane form the sides of the building instead having to force it through narrow corridors and doors inside the building itself. The issue gets dealt with at a minimal inconvenience, allowing you to focus on your business instead of the needs of your AC.

Here in Walker, LA commercial rooftop ACs can be installed, repaired and maintained by the friendly team at Professional Heating & Air. If you own a business or manage an office space in the area, give us a call today!

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