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Air Conditioning Tips for Thanksgiving

We’re technically in the middle of fall, with winter on its way, and that means heating season. But the weather in Hammond, LA, rarely gets too cold, and even if things are cool, that equation changes when you have friends or family members only for the holidays. The body temperature of so many people in an enclosed space can elevate the temperature, as well as causing a number of other effects you should be aware of. The same holds true when you’re cooking a big meal in your kitchen: with high temperatures from the oven, the dishwasher and other appliances adding to the situation. You can avert these problems and help make your home comfortable for your holiday get-togethers with a few simple steps.

Check your HVAC System for Problems

Whether your heater or your air conditioner is required on Thanksgiving — or later in the winter — you want to make sure it’s functioning as it should before your guests arrive. If there’s an issue that’s been lingering, get it taken care of now, and if you haven’t scheduled maintenance on your HVAC system yet this year, now would be an excellent time to do so.

Run the A/C Before Guests Arrive

High humidity is a problem in our neck of the woods, and it tends to get worse in rooms with a lot of people. Your air conditioner acts as a natural dehumidifier, and if you have a whole-house dehumidifier in your home, that’s even better. Running either or both of them just before your get-together will reduce the amount of ambient moisture in the air.

Turn the Heat Down or the AC Up

Multiple people in your home will elevate the temperature, as will working in the kitchen over a hot store for hours. You can compensate by setting the heater or air conditioner (whichever is pertinent to the date in question) 5 degrees cooler than you normally would in order to keep your home comfortable.

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