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Install UV Germicidal Lights and Cut Down in Winter Colds

Wintertime in Covington, LA is much warmer than it is elsewhere in the country, but that doesn’t mean we don’t experience our share of winter colds and illnesses. Rainfall drops slightly in the winter months, but we still get our share of wet days, which makes an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If you want to keep your family safe and healthy this holiday season, you should consider the implementation of additional safeguards in your home”: specifically a set of UV germicidal lights in your HVAC system. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference they make.

How Do They Work?

If you remember your high school science¬†class, you’ll recall UV, or ultraviolet light, which exists beyond our ability to see in the spectrum. It’s what causes our skin to tan and burn in the sunlight, and at lower levels, can be used to make our white clothes glow in the dark at concerts and amusement parks. At those levels, it’s harmless to multi-celled organisms like humans and pets, but lethal to germs and bacteria.

Maximum Efficiency

The UV germicidal light system establishes a sheet of UV light across the apex of your ducts, where your heater or air conditioner blows air through at the start of distributing it through your home. As the air passes through the light, it kills or sterilizes every germ or mold spore that passes through it. The longer it runs, the more thoroughly it scrubs the air in your home clean. As a result, there will be fewer germs in your air to infect your family with illnesses, and your home will be better protected. We especially recommend UV lights for homes with vulnerable family members such as infants, the elderly, or those suffering from asthma,

Call A Professional Heating and Air to install germicidal lights in your home!

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