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Signs of a Duct Breach or Leak

Most folks in the Walker, LA area rely on a system of ducts to move conditioned air (whether hot or cold) from their HVAC system into the rest of their home. It’s a safe and effective way to make sure your household is comfortable, and with the ducts themselves usually hidden behind walls on in spaces like the attic, damage to them is relatively uncommon. Sometimes leaks do spring up, however, and worn bolts or damage from other sources could open up a breach in your duct systems. This is a significant problem since it leeches your system of efficiency: raising your monthly bills and adding strain to other components in your system that can increase the likelihood of a breakdown. But how do you spot a breach if it’s hidden in an out-of-the-way location? Here’s a brief list of symptoms for you to look for.

  • Cold spots or warm spots. Heated air in the winter and cool air in the summer will result in a warm/cold spot on the walls or flow where the air is blowing from the breach.
  • Strange noises. Air escaping from the breach or leak can sometimes result in a hum or a whistle emitting from an odd location. The noise won’t match the normal functioning of your system, and will likely start or stop in conjunction with your heater.
  • Cooler air. If a breach pulls unconditioned air into the system, it will feel cooler than it should (or warmer than it should if you run your air conditioner).
  • Low air flow. Air diverted from a leak or a breach will slow the air flow emerging from your vents.
  • Higher bills. The loss of efficiency from a breach means that your bills will likely spike for no apparent reason.

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