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Air Conditioning Tips for the Coming Summer

Louisiana summers are hot and humid, and home air conditioners are necessary to make the season pleasant. But you cannot just switch on your air conditioning when the heat arrives and expect the system to work its best. You can end up wasting money on power bills, running into numerous repairs, and receiving less effective cooling. You don’t have to spend a few hours a day working with your AC to get the proper cooling level from it, but you can take a few steps and change some habits to improve its performance during the summer. We’ll share some valuable AC tips for the upcoming season.

Whenever you need to have professional HVAC technician service for your air conditioning system in Kenner, LA, call on the team at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning. We have technicians ready to help you 24 hours a day so you won’t have to sweat out a broken AC for long.

Tips for Better Air Conditioning Operation This Summer

  • Schedule a maintenance session: You should never miss an annual maintenance visit for your cooling system. Regular attention from an HVAC professional will keep an air conditioner working and free from unnecessary stress. This will stop your electrical bills from rising, fend off repairs, prevent a sudden breakdown, and generally extend the air conditioner’s service life. Although we advise maintenance during the spring, it’s never too late to schedule it.
  • Stay away from the lowest setting on the thermostat: How low does your thermostat go? Likely around 60°F, and that is rarely the level of cooling anybody requires, no matter the heat outside. If you put your thermostat on the lowest setting, it will force the system to work longer (no, it won’t cool down your house any faster), drain energy, and put extra pressure on the components. All this for a temperature that most people won’t even find comfortable. By raising the thermostat up to 72°F, you will have the right comfort level and save between 24% and 36% off your energy bills. (Each degree higher is a 2–3% savings.)
  • Change the air filter monthly: The air filter protects the AC from debris that enters the return vents. During regular operation, the filter will become clogged with dust, lint, hair, and other pollutants. This is enough to cause the air conditioner to strain due to low airflow, and it may also lead to icing along the coils. Change the filter once a month to keep the system efficient. (You should also change it during the off-season, but once every three months is usually sufficient when the AC isn’t running regularly.)

Start Off With Maintenance

There’s still time this spring to jump ahead of the weather and have regular maintenance done. Contact A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning and ask about our regular maintenance program, which also includes a 10% discount on parts and labor, plus priority scheduling. We’ll help keep your air conditioning in Kenner, LA healthy all summer long.

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