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Are Ductless Mini-Split Systems Right for Me?

Here in Hammond, LA, we have a large number of different types of homes, each with a different type of air conditioning need. In some cases, a ductless mini-split system may be right for you. These units divide your home into individual sections, each one cooled by its own separate air conditioning unit. The system allows you to adjust the temperature in each room separately, or even turn off the air in rooms that no one is using. Ductless mini-split systems aren’t right for every household, but here’s a few quick guides to see if they fit your specific needs.

  • You have a large house. Big homes often have huge air conditioning bills, and centralized systems are a poor way of going about it. Ductless systems let you keep the costs down by only cooling those parts of the home that you’re occupying.
  • You want a more efficient system. Even in smaller homes, centralized systems can often do more than you need them to, leaving you wondering how much energy you’re wasting in air conditioning. Ductless mini-split systems remove the guesswork from the equation.
  • Your family is most comfortable at different temperatures. Inter-family squabbles over the precise temperature of the house can get heated sometimes. Ductless systems let you adjust the temperature in each room without worrying about how it affects the rest of the house.
  • Your house can’t support a system of ducts. Some houses were built before air conditioning was a normal part of our lives, while others simply lack the space to effectively support a system of ducts. Ductless mini-split systems make an idea solution.
  • They tend to last longer. Because the individual units of a mini-split system don’t have as much of a load to support, they won’t wear out as fast as a centralized system, and depending on individual factors, may last quite a bit longer before requiring wholesale replacement.

If these match your circumstances, call A Professional today to discuss installation options!

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