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Benefits of a Heat Pump

Here in Covington, LA, we’re used to relying on traditional centralized air conditioners to keep us cool during our sultry summer months. They’re an efficient and reliable system, but they’re not the only kind of air conditioner out there, and in some cases, an alternative type can be a better fit for your home. In particular, consider the benefits of a heat pump, which acts as both a heater and an air conditioner in one. It works in a manner very similar to traditional air conditioners, but with a few twists that can provide significant advantages to your home. Here’s a quick primer on how.

How They Work

Heat pumps are based on the same principle as traditional centralized air conditioners: circulating refrigerant through a closed loop that first dissipates heatĀ outside your home, then cools the air inside. The only difference is that that cycle can be reversed: sending hot air into your home and releasing cool air outside. That allows it to function during both the summer and the winter, eliminating the need for a separate heating system.

The Benefits

A heat pump will function in a manner similar to any other air conditioner during the summer, and you can usually expect its performance to be about the same. The difference comes in the winter. Since the heat pump doesn’t need to consume fuel to produce heat — just a little electricity to run the fan motor and other components — it doesn’t cost nearly as much as traditional heaters do. Best of all, they work best in parts of the country with mild winters like ours, ensuring that you can enjoy the savings and convenience they represent all year. Now is the time to consider installing a heat pump, long before winter hits and giving you the maximum amount of time to schedule an installation.

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