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Beware of Beaches in Your Duct Work

We live in Hammond, LA, which means our winters are very mild and our heaters see intermittent use at best. This actually makes an ideal time to look at problems that may be affecting your HVAC system’s efficiency, including breaches or breaks in your ducts. The duct work in your home exists to spread conditioned air from your system into your various rooms, nooks and crannies. When a breach opens up – due to damage in your ducts or perhaps the fittings between two sections of ductwork becoming loose – it can cause a great deal of trouble for your heating and air. Beware of breaches in your ductwork and be ready to get the issue addressed as quickly as possible.

Why Is It a Problem?

Duct breaches are a problem because they can pull conditioned air out of your ducts or unconditioned air in. That mitigates the hard work your system performs to heat or cool the air, forcing it to work harder to do its job. That means that your monthly bills will go up, and the increased strain can result in a more serious breakdown as well. Furthermore, a breach can pull dust into the system, coating components in your heater and air conditioner and further exacerbating those problems.

How We Fix It

Obviously, the solution is to seal the breach, but before that happens, you first need to find it. We have tools to pinpoint the exact spot of the breach. Once that’s determined, we can repair it in the most appropriate way possible, whether that means replacing a broken bolt or preparing a fitted part to cover the hole. With that in place, your indoor air quality will go up and your heater and air conditioner’s efficiency will improve.

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