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Common Heating Misconceptions That Could Cost you Money

The holidays are here and with them comes cooler weather that necessitates regular use of your heating system. We’re not exactly buried in snow here in Hammond, LA, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need our heating units to keep us warm – especially at night – and our focus on air conditioning for most of the year leads many homeowners to discount the need for heating when it arises. Accordingly, you may have fallen prey to one or more common misconceptions about heating that could end up costing you money. We’ve listed a few of them for you to look out for.

“Heat Comes Out at the Temperature You Set”

Most heaters don’t vary the actual temperature they generate. The heat comes out at one temperature and runs until the whole house has reached the temperature you set. Accordingly, you won’t heat up your home faster by setting the temperature higher than you need it: that will only increase strain on the heater and lead to higher energy bills overall.

“A More Energy Efficient Furnace Automatically Means Lower Bills”

An energy efficient furnace is a good investment for your home, and can indeed save you money on monthly bills. But that savings only takes place if you use your new furnace about the same amount as your old one. Increased use demands increased energy, and if you turn on your new heater a lot more than your old one, don’t be surprised to see your heating bills going up.

“Insulation Isn’t Worth It”

A lot of homeowners in our area dismiss extra insulation because they believe it only makes a difference on cold days. In point of fact, it helps keep hot air out in the summer just as well as it keeps warm air in in the winter. Adding more insulation could save you more money throughout the year.

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