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Common Costly Heater Misconceptions


Heaters are not toys. When you risk neglecting them or performing some repair on them when you’re not qualified, the price is worth much more than some homeowners are willing to pay for. Toys, especially ones that are handled by toddlers and small children, are meant to be broken, whereas a heater is supposed to last as long as possible before it breaks.

Today, we’d like to inform anyone who was thinking of performing a risky maneuver or found some information online about ways to save money with space heaters—that these might not be as efficient solutions as you think. Saving money is always a good thing, but high risk, high reward procedures aren’t usually the best way to save.

So buckle up and let your local HVAC contractor in Mandeville, LA bestow some knowledge on common costly heater misconceptions.

Stay Vigilant of Misinformation

There’s a lot of information online, and even more advertisements that are trying to sell you products. With this onslaught of information, human beings aren’t as prepared as we used to be when dealing with misinformation. We’re only invested in keeping our community comfortable for the most affordable price, so we have no problem shooting these misconceptions down with some knowledge that’s backed up by hard science. Let’s take a look!

Misconception #1: Running Space Heaters is More Affordable than Upping Your Thermostat

We often think that turning our thermostats up will increase the amount we pay on heating bills by a huge margin. While turning up the thermostat does cause your furnace to work harder and you will be paying more in heating costs, the amount is minor when compared to homeowners who start using space heaters to compensate.

Space heaters run on electricity, which is actually much less efficient than a furnace or boiler. They cost approximately three to five times as much to heat the same space as your gas furnace would, which means they’re a huge drain on energy and end up costing you more in the long run than having your furnace complete the job itself.

If your furnace can’t quite cut it, consider having blankets on hand for the very cold days, or investing in warm socks that will keep you comfortable for free!

Misconception #2: There’s Nothing You Can Do About Cold Spots

Do you have one of those areas in a room that just doesn’t heat up no matter what you do? Well, there are a couple of DIY solutions that could aid your heater in keeping that area warm!

Firstly, you can open the blinds during the day. Sunlight helps warm a room by a few degrees, which can make a huge difference on a cold day. Also, running your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction will push heat down and keep your rooms warmer as well! With both of these strategies, you should be able to effectively deal with cold spots.

Misconception #3: Heater Maintenance Isn’t Worth It

As we mentioned earlier, small solutions like space heaters can heavily increase your heating bill. Your HVAC system is supposed to run affordably, and a yearly tune-up can be the key to making sure your heater runs effectively and affordably! Reduce your reliance on DIY solutions and space heaters, with a high-efficiency heater that’s been well-maintained!

When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air!

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