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Common Misconceptions about Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is one of the most important components in your heating and air conditioning system, and yet despite its common use, many people hold popular misconceptions about the device. Those misconceptions can actually end up costing you money if you’re not careful, and here in Hammond, LA, monthly energy bills are nothing to take lightly. We’ve assembled a list of common misconceptions about your thermostat that we’re hoping to dispel, and put a little money back in your pocket in the process.

“Air Comes Out at the Same Temperature You Set on the Thermostat”

People will sometimes set their thermostats higher or lower than the actual temperature they want in homes that the HVAC system will blow hotter or colder air. This is patently untrue. Heaters and air conditioners blow their air at a single temperature all the time. The thermostat simply allows the system to run until the desired temperature has been achieved. Setting it higher or lower than it needs to be puts unnecessary strain on it and doesn’t make the temperature change any faster.

“The Faster a System Changes the Temperature, The Better”

Along those lines, many people assume that it’s desirable to get the temperature to its desired state as quickly as possible. In point of fact, heaters and air conditioners use more energy starting up and shutting down than they do simply running for a while. If it does its job too quickly, it will engage in short cycling: turning on and off multiple times throughout the day and increasing strain on the system in the process.

“Keep the Heat or Air Turned on All Day; It Saves Energy”

Despite the concerns about short-cycling, it doesn’t pay to just keep the thermostat set at the same temperature all day. If you’re leaving home for the day, set it 5 to 10 degrees warmer or cooler than you would like. It saves energy and still allows you to attain the desired temperature quickly when you get home.

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