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Advantages of Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a variant on the traditional air conditioner, but with a twist. Regular air conditioners cycle refrigerant through a closed system that cools the air in your Hammond, LA home, while releasing heated air as exhaust outside. Heat pumps simply allow that cycle to be reversed: releasing cool air outside while using the warm air to heat your home. They tend to cost more than other heating systems to install, and because they are more complex than others, repair bills can be more expensive too. So what’s the benefit to owning one? In point of fact there are a number, and they can easily offset the drawbacks. Here are some advantages of heat pumps that you ought to consider if you’re installing a new heating or air conditioning system.

Lower Costs Overall

Heat pumps tend to use energy more efficiently than other systems, especially in the wintertime when they use less fuel than forced-air furnaces of boilers. They also tend to last a long time – longer than many other types of furnaces – and while repair bills can cost when they do crop up, they’re more reliable than other heating systems, which means that problems tend to appear much less frequently. Over time, they make a very cost-effective alternative for your heating needs. It used to be that heat pumps required more assistance in the winter with supplemental systems. But improved technology coupled with our mild Louisiana winters makes that a non-factor.

Safe and Green

Unlike boilers or gas-fed furnaces, heat pumps use electricity as fuel. That means there’s no chance of a gas leak or similar threat to your household. In addition, that makes heat pumps very green forms of energy, since they don’t burn oxygen the way other heaters do and thus produce fewer emissions.

If heat pumps sound like a good fit for you, call the pros at A Professional Heating and Air today!

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