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How Do Zone Control Systems Benefit Me?

Fall has finally arrived in Hammond, LA, and as your air conditioner sees less and less use (and your heater more and more use), it’s time to think about repairs or upgrades to your system. In particular, consider the advantages of a zone control system, which can provide a number of tangible benefits to both your air conditioning and your heating system. Installing such a system now makes a lot of sense, since temperatures are milder and you can set an installation schedule at your leisure instead of rushing to get it finished in front of the next heat wave or chilly night. “How do zone control systems benefit me?” you ask. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Zone control systems install a series of dampers and shutters at key points in the duct system of your home. Each damper is connected to a thermostat and a control system, allowing you to tailor the temperature in each room to match your specifications. Say you’re cooking in the kitchen and the hot stove warms up the temperature. With zone controls you can open the relevant damper further to cool the air in the kitchen, which your spouse – watching TV in the living room without a hot stove to worry about – can set a different temperature in his or her room and continue to be comfortable without freezing.


More important than convenience is savings, which zone control systems facilitate in spades. Most of the day, we usually occupy just one or two rooms in our homes. Why should you pay more to heat or cool the rest of them? The zone control system lets you shut off the heat or air in parts of the home you’re not using, lowering the strain on your system and causing it to use less energy: saving you money on monthly costs.

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