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Signs of Trouble with Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is designed to do its job without much fuss or bother, and because it doesn’t have a lot of moving parts, you can expect it to last for many years. But trouble can crop up when you least expect it, and your thermostat is no exception. When problems do arise, they can leave your Hammond, LA home without heating or air conditioning until it gets fixed. That’s why you should call in a trained technician the minute you spot signs of trouble with your thermostat. Here’s a short list of possible issues to help you make that determination.

No Electricity

Most thermostats draw power from your household electrical grid, and those that don’t usually have self-contained battery packs. Without power, the thermostat won’t run, a fact that you can usually spot by a lack of light or a blank control screen. The problem can stem from issues with the power system and may simply require you to replace the battery. If frayed wires or loose fittings are involved, however, then you should talk to a trained technician.

Faulty Operation

Faulty operation tends to mean that the thermostat either activates your system at inappropriate times, deactivates it before it’s finished heating or cooling your home, or won’t turn it off when it’s job is done. The trouble can stem from a sensor in the thermostat or the activation mechanism that turns the system on. Either way, the faulty component – and possibly the entire thermostat – need to be replaced.


In some cases, the thermostat itself is functioning just fine, but it’s placed in a breezeway, near a sunny spot, or somewhere else that interferes with its ability to accurately read the temperature. The solution isn’t repairing it, but rather moving it to another part of the house where it can gauge the temperature more accurately.

To install or repair a thermostat in your home, call A Professional Heating and Air today!

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