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Common Problems with Ducts

Your central air conditioner relies upon a series of ducts to do its job. They branch out from the centralized unit through unseen places in your home, like crawlspaces in the walls and your attic, and carry conditioned air out to various rooms through a series of vents. They’re designed to function without trouble, but like any other appliance, they sometimes run into problems. When they do, it pays to contact a seasoned professional to get them taken care of. Considering the heat of our summers here in Hammond, LA, common problems with ducts can end up costly you an uncommonly large amount of money in higher monthly bills if you aren’t careful.


Breaches in your ducts can occur either as a result of external damage, or from the seals between different sections coming loose. Either way, it spells trouble. Depending on the specifics, it can either pull the cool air out of your ducts or pull warm air in, as well as spreading dust and debris throughout your house. By intermingling the air, it lowers the system’s ability to cool your house, forcing it to work harder and raising your bills in the process. It also raises the chances of a breakdown taking place elsewhere in the system, since there’s more strain involved in keeping your home cool.


Clogs are less common than breaches, but they do occur, and the results are much the same. Air flow through the ducts is reduced – again forcing your air conditioner to work harder than it should – and if the clog contains any dust or bacteria then the remaining airflow will spread it through your home in short order.

Both of these issues can be properly addressed by a trained technician. Call A Professional Heating and Air today to fix your duct problems and keep your home functioning the way it should!

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