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What Kinds of Indoor Air Cleaners Are Available?

Here in Hammond, LA, the heat and humidity of our summers can lead to significant indoor air quality questions. High humidity breeds mold and bacteria, in addition to that clammy uncomfortable feeling that makes your body think it’s much hotter than it actually is. A good air conditioner can counteract some of this, but it can’t account for the proliferation of germs in your household and in any case it needs to work much harder to do its job when the indoor air quality is low. You can counteract this by upgrading your system with an air cleaner of some stripe, installed by a professional and working alongside your air condition. What kinds of indoor air cleaners are available? We’ve written down a few of the more common models.

Air Filters

Air filters are the simplest and most straightforward ways of addressing the situation: a filter fitted into your AC system which strains out dirt and bacteria while letting the air pass through. All of them are reasonably effective and inexpensive to install, though you will do better if you use filters with a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating that is best suited to your air conditioner.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners perform an interesting bit of physics magic when it comes to dirt and contaminants. The particles pass through a field that gives them an electromagnetic charge, causing them to stick to a collection plate (or in the case of less expensive models, to the walls and furnishings of your home). In either case, the dust is taken out of the air and can be cleaned up at a leisurely pace.

UV Lights

UV stands for “ultra-violet,” a wavelength of light that humans can’t see, but which can be lethal to germs and bacteria. UV lights establish a field that germs need to pass through to enter your ductwork, killing them and eliminating their ability to replicate. UV lights focus on germs more than dust or dirt, but can be quite efficient in reducing instances of illness in your home.

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