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Common Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

When your air conditioner breaks down in Hammond, LA, you can feel it immediately. Our summers are too hot and humid to let such incidents pass, and unless you get a trained technician in there quickly, your household will be at the mercy of our stifling temperatures. Only a skilled professional should address an air conditioning repair issue – amateurs might make the problem worse and the presence of potentially toxic refrigerants may pose a safety risk as well – but you can help out by spotting the signs of air conditioning trouble as early as possible. Doing so may help you stop a big problem while it’s still small and save you a great deal of money as well as a day without an air conditioner. Generally speaking, anything out of the ordinary should be reported, but more specifically, look for these signs:

  • Low Air Flow. Problems with the fan motor may cause the air to flow more slowly, as can blockages, rifts in the duct seals and misaligned fan blades
  • No Cool Air. Your air conditioner may be blowing the air just fine, but if it isn’t cool air, it’s just a very expensive fan. Low refrigerant is often the cause of a lack of cool air, as are problems with the condenser array.
  • Strange Noises. “Strange” mean any noise that isn’t normally associated with the normal functioning of the air conditioner: buzzes, whirrs, whines and anything you don’t recognize as part of your system’s average functioning.
  • Higher Bills. This is the subtlest and perhaps the most important means of detecting a problem. If an air conditioner is experiencing trouble, it must use more energy to do the job, which you can spot by an unexpected hike in your monthly rates. If you do, and you know you haven’t used your AC more than normal, it’s a good sign that something’s wrong.

When you detect common signs of air conditioning trouble, trust the experts at A-Professional Heating and Air Conditioning to make it right!

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