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Common Problems with Old Air Conditioners

We’ve still go some hot weather to come here in Walker, LA, where summers are long and winters brief. And with months of steady work already under its belt — to say nothing of possible problems caused with recent flooding — you  need to make sure your system is still running the way it should. This is especially the case with older systems, which may be showing more wear and tear than normal, and which are particularly vulnerable to breakdowns this time of year. Spotting a common problem with your old air conditioner can give you a jump on making repairs, and may even prevent a wholesale breakdown. The list of issues can include:

Leaking Refrigerant

When refrigerant leaks, it throws off the delicate balance required to make the air conditioner work. As a result, your air won’t feel as cool and the system will work much harder to make your home comfortable. Frost and ice often forms on the coils, which compounds the problem and lead to further strain on other components. Never try to scrape off the ice — you could damage the coils — and handling refrigerant is a jobthat should only be left to professionals.

Slow Drainage

When the air gets cooled, it creates drops of condensate formed by ambient moisture in the air shifting to liquid for. Air conditioners come with a drip pan and a drain line to catch the condensate and remove it from the system. But if there’s a clog or the pan is misaligned, it can cause an overflow, and threaten to damage electrical components in the system.

Corroded Wires

Many components in your system relay on electrical power, and then the wiring becomes loose or corroded, it can drastically affect their performance. If left unaddressed, faulty wiring can lead to a much bigger problem in a much more expensive part of the system.

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