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Do You Need an Air Conditioning Maintenance Visit?

If you plan to run your air conditioning system this season (and let’s face it; it is very difficult to get by without it) air conditioning maintenance is a must. Many homeowners decide not to schedule maintenance every year, and still others are not even aware of this vital service. But without it, your air conditioner may run into trouble at some point in the season, and you may notice that your energy bills get worse and worse.

Schedule air conditioning maintenance as early on in the season as possible (like today!) if you want to make sure that your unit operates as efficiently as possible throughout the spring and summer.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here’s why air conditioning maintenance is so important:

  • Better Performance: A maintenance visit includes a thorough tune-up, during which a technician cleans and adjusts some of the key components of your system. An air conditioner works best when all of the parts are in the best condition possible, and you may notice that your AC cools your home more quickly after a technician’s adjustments.
  • Fewer Repairs: Last year, the parts of your air conditioning system went through a lot. In hot, humid weather, the AC works overtime to move heat out of your home, and the parts tend to become worn as a result, but tasks such as cleaning coils and oiling motors can bring everything back up to speed and reduce the chances that your unit will fail this season.
  • Greater Efficiency: An air conditioning system with components that are worn down, loose, dirty, bent, or otherwise damaged will use more energy to run as it attempts to compensate for the impaired part. During an inspection, a technician will let you know whether you should schedule repairs for a broken part, and along with a few adjustments, this will allow the system to use less energy.

Call the professional air conditioning maintenance technicians at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning for comprehensive services in Hammond, LA.

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