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Ductless Mini Splits or Centralized Air?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner this spring, it pays to consider your options. Most homes here in Mandeville, LA rely on centralized air conditioners, but some use ductless mini plait systems, which space a number of smaller units throughout your home and cool each room individually. There are benefits and drawbacks to each system, which you should weigh carefully before proceeding. Obviously there are extenuating circumstances in some cases – if your home can’t support a system of ducts, for instance, then ductless mini-splits are usually the way to go – but if not, then you need to evaluate the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

Up-Front Installation

The biggest advantage of a centralized air conditioning system is that it doesn’t cost as much to install as ductless systems. That’s because it’s only one unit, and if you already have the ducts set up in your home, then the operation can often be completed in a fraction of the time and with fewer expenses involved. That’s the biggest reason people stick with ducted systems in most cases.

Monthly Costs

Ductless systems tend to earn their keep when it comes to monthly cooling bills, which can be much lower than those of centralized systems. This is because you can simply shut off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using, allowing you to cool only those rooms that you need. This works best in larger houses with a lot of space, however, A small one-bedroom home usually doesn’t need such precise control, and won’t save as much if they did.


Ductless mini splits allow you to set different temperatures in different rooms, cutting down on family squabbles and allowing each member of the household to set the temperature in their specific room individually.

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