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Early Signs of Heating Problems

Heating season arrives late and leaves early here in Mandevilla, LA, and while people elsewhere in the country have been bundling up for weeks, we’re only just now getting around to using our heating systems on a regular basis. Now is an excellent time to check your system for any potential problems. Temperatures are still warm enough to keep strain on the system to a minimum, and if problems exist, you still have time to treat them before the winter formally arrives and your heater will be under a lot more pressure to perform.

The best way to check for heating problems is to schedule a maintenance session from a trained professional in the next few weeks. That gives him or her a chance to check for any issues in need of repair, as well as improving the system’s efficiency and lowering your heating bills to boot (assuming you use the heater about as often as you would normally).

Beyond that, you should look for a number of telltale signs that your system is experiencing problems. They can include:

  • A sudden or unexpected spike in your monthly bills, especially when there isn’t an attendant rise in usage.
  • Strange noises are coming from your heater when you turn it on: anything that doesn’t correspond to the normal noises your system makes.
  • The flow of air through your system is reduced or lowered. This can happen in one or two vents, or throughout the entire system, depending on the nature of the problem.
  • The heat levels are reduced. This can mean cool air coming out of your vent, or simply warm air that isn’t quite as warm as you’d expected. It means your system will have to work harder to do its job, raising your bills and the chances of a larger breakdown in the future.

Call A Professional Heating and Air for heating system maintenance and repair!

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