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Get Your Gas Furnace Maintained Soon

furnace-maintenance-sessionsMost heating systems in the area are gas furnaces, which are inexpensive and easy to keep running. They make a good fit for our warm weather and can provide reliable heat this time of year, when nighttime temperatures take a dip.  Unfortunately, because our weather is so hot most of the year, homeowners tend to focus on their air conditioning systems, leaving their gas furnaces to suffer from slow neglect. Repair issues have a way of cropping up without warning in such scenarios, leaving you scrambling to get the system fixed just when you need it the most.

We can provide timely repairs for your gas furnace when called upon to do so, but we also believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That means that furnace maintenance sessions make a better way of dealing with your heater’s problems than waiting for a breakdown and rushing around. Ideally, you should schedule one once a year, and if it’s been more than 12 months since you last one, now is an excellent time to make an appointment. Here’s a quick look at how it works. 

A Tune-Up

Unlike repairs which are designed to correct a single specific problem, gas furnace maintenance sessions are intended to check for any problem that your system may be experiencing. It most closely resembles a tune-up for your car, letting the technician examine every corner of the system and even run it for a brief time to check for signs of trouble. In the case of a little problem like a loose bolt or a clogged burner, the problem can be fixed as part of the maintenance session. Bigger issues may require a formal repair session, but the technician can schedule it at your convenience, and even conduct it immediately after the maintenance session provided the proper equipment s in the van. (It usually is.)

The Benefits

The benefits of a maintenance session vary by specific system, but generally boil down to three particulars:

  1. Lower Heating Bills. Correcting little issues in the furnace help it perform more efficiently. For instance, cleaning a clogged burner increases the heat output and allows your heater to warm your home faster. The fuel required to do so drops and your monthly bills drop as well. Maintenance also helps reduce the effects of wear and tear on individual components, lowering the risk of repair jobs in the future.
  2. Easier Repairs. In the event that repairs are needed, maintenance sessions let you get an early jump on them. This lets you schedule repairs at your convenience and can often lower their cost too since the damage will be spotted before it has a chance to spread further.
  3. Longevity. When applied regularly over time maintenance sessions help your system perform better for longer periods of time. That can help extend the life of your furnace by months or even years in some cases.

For quality gas furnace maintenance here in Hammond, LA, call Professional Heating & Air today to make an appointment!

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