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Get a Jump on Heating Maintenance Now

Let’s face it: heating is probably the last thing on your mind right if you live in Hammond, LA right now. Our steamy southern summers are in full swing, and homeowners are rightfully focused on keeping their air conditioners well maintained. But the heat will cool off before you know it, and while Louisiana is a long way from Michigan or Maine, we still get our share of chilly nights in the winter. The last thing you want is to fire up your heater, only to find out that it needs a major repair or even have it running with less efficiency than you expect. You can get a jump on that by planning for heating maintenance now, before the temperatures drop.

Why Heating Maintenance?

A maintenance session is designed as a sort of tune-up: clearing up a whole bunch of little problems so they don’t turn into one big one. The technician will check the bolts and fittings of the system, to ensure that electrical connections are storing and that individual components don’t rattle in their housings. He’ll clean the dirt off of interior components – especially the burners, which can get clogged if you aren’t careful – and ensure that any lines and air passages are kept clear of debris. If a larger issue is present, the technician can note it and make a plan to repair it at a future point.

The Benefits

The benefits of a maintenance session now is that you have the luxury of time. If repairs are needed, you can schedule them at a time that’s good for you, instead of juggling other parts of your life to get it taken care of quickly which you may need to do in the fall. A maintenance session also guarantees that your heater will be ready to go when you need it, and won’t cost you a dime more than necessary in wasted energy or unnecessarily high costs.

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