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What Kinds of Problems Do Air Filtration Systems Fix?

We live in Hammond, LA, which means that temperatures are excruciatingly high in the summertime. But because of those high temperatures, we often focus exclusively on our air conditioners to make our homes comfortable. They do a great job, but they tend to only address the heat, leaving a lot of other indoor air quality issues unaddressed. A good air filtration system can address many of these issues, whether it be a simple set of filters or a more elaborate system such as UV germicidal lights or a dehumidifier. Which system works best for you will depend on the specifics of your home, and the kinds of problems you need your air filtration system to fix.

  • Excess humidity. High humidity levels make your home feel hotter than it is, as well as increasing that clammy, gross feeling on your skin and possibly even damaging furnishings in your home.
  • A lack of humidity. Conversely, low humidity levels leave your skin feeling dry and cracked, as well as increasing the static electricity in your home. Your sinuses and throat may dry out, leaving you more vulnerable to illness, and family members with asthma may see an increase in the frequency of attacks.
  • Biological contaminants. We see a lot of mold and bacteria spores here in Louisiana, and they have a way of slipping into your home, as can germs and other biological contaminants. UV filters can help keep your home clear of these contaminants, as can more traditional air filters.
  • Dust and dirt. Dust and dirt have a way of building up ion your HVAC system, and can be circulated during its normal functioning. This can affect the health levels of your household, as well as spreading dust on your furnishings.

If you’d like to improve your indoor air quality, call A Professional Heating and Air today!

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