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Why Is Low Air Flow in Your AC a Problem?

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is generating plenty of cool air, but that the air flow doesn’t seem to be moving as swiftly as it once did, you might have a serious problem on your hands. We tend to think of air conditioning issues as something solely centered around cooling capacity, but in truth low air flow can be just as troublesome as a lack of cool air. Here in Hammond, LA our summers are too hot and sultry to just leave an issue like that alone. But what causes low air flow? And more importantly, why is low air flow in your AC a problem?

The Causes

Low air flow can usually be caused by one of two things: a blockage in the system or problems with the fan. Fan issues can be caused by electrical disconnections, an overheating motor, a loose fan belt, or bent or broken fan blades. Regardless of the cause, the fan either won’t rotate as quickly as it should, or has become misaligned so that it doesn’t blow the cooled air into the ducts. Alternately, there could be a clog in the system slowing the air down. This is most often caused by a filter that hasn’t been cleaned or replaced in a while, but can also be caused by build-up in the duct system, or a dent or breach in the ducts themselves.

The Problems

In the shortest possible terms, low air flow won’t spread the cool air through your home as quickly as it needs to. Your air conditioner will thus have to work harder to do its job and you will find your monthly energy bills going up even though you haven’t used the air conditioner any more than you normally would. Even worse, the added strain increases the chances of a breakdown elsewhere in the system, and may even shorten the overall lifespan of your air conditioner.

If you detect low air flow in your air conditioner, turn off the system and call A Professional Heating and Air right away

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