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Heat Pump Repairs We Often See in the Winter

Although we usually experience mild winters in Louisiana, we still have many chilly days and chillier nights when we will need a sturdy heater keeping us warm. Heat pumps make great home heating options, since they also provide the important air conditioning we need during the summer, and can handle the level of cold during the winter without losing efficiency.

Because you’ll have more use from your heat pump during the summer when it stays in cooling mode, it’s more likely to malfunction during that time. But winter brings its share of repair issues for heat pumps as well. Here are some of the ones we often see at this time of year. If you need heating repair service in Kenner, LA for a heat pump—or any type of heater—you can rely on the 24-hour service of the professionals at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning.

Common heat pump repairs

  • Sealing leaks and recharging refrigerant: Although people associate the word “refrigerant” with cold temperatures, not with heating, the refrigerant that runs through your heat pump is just as vital during the winter. If leaks develop along the refrigerant line, it will reduce the system’s heating capacity. A repair technician will need to find the leak, seal it, and then recharge the refrigerant level.
  • Fixing outdoor fans: Winter weather can be cruel to the outdoor unit of your heat pump, and we often have to repair damage done to the fan that draws air across the outdoor coil so it can absorb heat. If the fan breaks or develops bent blades, it could cause the system to lose its heating power.
  • Replacing broken reversing valves: The key component that allows a heat pump to switch between heating and cooling modes is the reversing valve, which changes the direction of the flow of refrigerant. It’s an unpleasant surprise for a homeowner to discover on the first day he or she needs heating power that the heat pump can’t switch functions—and usually it’s because of a broken valve. Fortunately, this is a simple fix for professionals, who will find the right heating valve replacement to match the heat pump.

Heat pump repair requires special training and tools. On your own, you wouldn’t know the correct kind of refrigerant to use to recharge a leaking unit, for example. Trust to heating professionals, such as those at A–Professional Heating and Air Conditioning, to handle any trouble you may experience with your heat pump. We aim for complete customer satisfaction in all our work doing heating repair in Kenner, LA.

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