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Here’s Why a Heat Pump Might Be Right for You

heatpumpFor most of the country, gas furnaces are the number one heater of choice. They’re inexpensive to install, they heat the home quickly, and they’re reliable. We would know, because we happily install them!

However, we’ve found that the reason some homeowners use gas furnaces isn’t really due to personal preference. Many people just choose to stick with what they know instead of venturing out toward other options.

In this post, we’ll talk about the heat pump as one of your other options.

It’s a Heater and an Air Conditioner

This is one of the primary benefits of a heat pump. Instead of having to own both a heater and an air conditioner as two separate HVAC units, homeowners can opt for a heat pump to do both their heating and cooling. One system for repairs and maintenance can make it far more convenient for your comfort needs.

The cooling portion of the heat pump works nearly the same as a central air conditioner. Using refrigerant and a heat transference process, the heat pump is able to absorb warm air from inside your home and then dispel it outside. The cold air left over is then blown into your home.

For the heating functions, it’s the same but just reversed. The hot air is absorbed from the outdoors and then dispersed into your home. Yes, even in cold temperatures, a heat pump is still capable of pulling warm air from outdoors (more on that below).

They’re More Efficient Than Other Heaters

The heat pump in its cooling mode is on par with your normal air conditioner. In the winter, however, that’s where your heat pump in Hammond, LA truly shines.

Heat pumps don’t actually generate heat in the same way that an electric furnace or gas furnace does. Since they rely on a type of heat transference instead, it’s a far less energy-intensive process.

The main problem with electric furnaces is that the cost of electricity can be expensive. Although these furnaces are very efficient in their own right, the fact they have to generate heat through electrical resistance makes them just a bit less efficient than heat pumps.

As for the gas furnace, it’s used best in very low temperatures. In more moderate cold—between 30 and 50 degrees—the furnace is a bit too powerful. You’ll end up using more energy than is necessary.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

Another compelling reason for a heat pump lies specifically with ductless heat pumps. These heat pumps are made up of individual air handlers. There’s one air handler installed in each room of the home that you plan to heat or cool. Each air handler has its own set of controls, meaning you have full control over your heating and cooling.

In HVAC terms, the ability to control temperatures in separate areas of the home is called “zone control.” Zone control can be installed with new duct systems, but the most cost-effective way to have it done is by switching to a ductless heat pump.

To receive more information on heat pumps, contact Professional Heating & Air today.

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