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How do UV Germicidal Lights Work?

Summers in Hammond, LA are full of high humidity, bacteria growth and the slow spread of germs and illnesses everywhere you turn. It can be tough keeping them at bay in your home, even with a quality air filter in your HVAC system. If you want to treat germs and bacteria in your home, consider the installation of a UV germicidal lights. How do UV germicidal lights work? Here’s a quick primer.

UV Light Kills Germs

UV light is the spectrum of light that causes our skin to tan and burn when exposed to sunlight. We cant see it, but its effects can be quite powerful. UV light bulbs are used at much lowered doses to make your white clothes glow in the dark at rock concerts. They’re harmless at such levels, at least to multi-celled organisms like humans and pets. For germs and bacterial, on the other hand, one touch will either kill them or render them sterile.

How to Harness That

UV lights can do wonders for keeping illness at bay, but you can’t simply cover your entire house in light bulbs. You want it placed somewhere that will do the most good with the least square footage: notably the apex of your ducts. As your heater or air conditioner blows, it cycles the air in your house through the ducts. The UV light stretches across the width and height of the duct, catching any germs and bacteria that pass through, and instantly rendering them inert. Over time, the normal operation of your air conditioning system will “scrub” your air clean of germs and bacteria. Your air will feel fresher, your family will be less vulnerable to sickness and disease, and you’ll cut down on the growth of mold and fungus in your home to boot!

A Professional Heating and Air can install a UV germicidal light system in your home!


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