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Common Signs of Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning is as much a necessity as a luxury here in Madisonville, LA. Our summers are brutally hot and without a reliable AC system, your home is apt to become an oven very quickly. ┬áThe sooner you can spot an air conditioning problem, the more quickly you can summon a repair service and the less vulnerable your home will be to high temperatures and humidity. Only a trained technician can properly diagnose problems with your air conditioner, and you need proper licensing to conduct repairs (refrigerant and other materials in the system are actively dangerous without training). That said, most problems with your system evince one of just a ┬átiny handful of symptoms, and if you can spot them, you know enough to turn off your air conditioners and summon a repair service. We’ve listed the common signs of air conditioning problems below.

Lack of Cool Air

If hot air blows out of your system, you clearly have a problem, but the issue can also result in mildly cool air that just isn’t as cool as it should be. This is a problem because your home will take longer to reach a comfortable temperature, increasing strain and the risks of further repairs.

Low Air Flow

Low air flow can be caused by trouble with the fan motor, blockages in the ducts or sometimes electrical issues, among others. But low air flow causes many of the same issues that a lack of cool air does: increasing strain and the possibility of further repairs.

Higher Bills

One easy way to spot a problem with your air conditioner is to check your monthly bills for any unexpected spikes in the costs. A malfunctioning component may continue to work and indeed might not even provide another sign of trouble until a complete breakdown.

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