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How to Budget for AC Maintenance

It probably doesn’t feel very good to be on a strict budget, only to then hear that you require an additional paid service yearly on your AC system. It drives many homeowners to simply ignore scheduling maintenance needs, which works out fine for a few years until a serious repair pops up, or the system starts running 20% less efficiently than it’s supposed to.

This blog post is more of a post about the true cost of AC maintenance in Covington, LA, and how you can properly budget for it. Nobody knows your budget and financial needs better than you, so make sure you take our advice and apply it to your specific situation!

The truth is that in order to save the most money year after year, you’re going to need to invest in maintenance. So, let’s figure out a way to do that while meeting your other financial demands.

Your Comfort Should Be a Priority

First and foremost, don’t put your comfort as a low priority. It’s incredibly important, and what many homeowners fail to realize is that a detriment to their comfort usually means costs in other areas of their lives. Being overheated in our warm and muggy summer might mean you spend more nights going out for ice cream with the family or going to the beach.

We’re not saying that these activities are bad, but that they can just sometimes be a way to cope with an incredibly uncomfortable home. The more comfortable your home is, the easier it might be to cut costs in other areas of your life.

Try Budgeting Maintenance on a Monthly Schedule

While maintenance involves a yearly appointment for your AC, try joining our maintenance club with a monthly fee. Instead of paying a lot of money annually, this makes the cost much more affordable and on a monthly basis. Hopefully, this helps alleviate costs and allows you to slip this payment into your financial planning in a way that doesn’t tip the scales.

See If the Family Wants to Chip in

Joining an AC maintenance club is a great opportunity to teach the family about energy efficiency and system deterioration. If you’ve got teenagers, or a spouse that wants to be more involved in financial planning and the future, why not get them to chip in? If the whole family contributes to learning about their air conditioning technology, and budgets to have a more comfortable home, then the cost might not be too bad.

Every family is going to be different, but many teenagers would happily spend their weekly allowance to feel cool and comfy in their rooms!

If Your AC Is Newer, Maintenance Is More Important

Keep in mind when budgeting, that newer AC technology has a lot of time left in its lifespan. This means that maintenance is going to be extremely worthwhile since it will prevent more issues as time goes on. For a system that you’re getting ready to replace, maintenance isn’t going to be as helpful. Remember that maintenance is preventative and great for the long term.

It’s time to invest in maintenance! When you need it done right call Professional Heating & Air. 

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