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Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

Heating season doesn’t last long here in Hammond, LA, and you’ll likely continue to be using your air conditioner well into the fall. But if yours is on your last legs, now may be an excellent time to consider a replacement, with temperatures falling and the need for constant air conditioning lessened. In fact, if you have a traditional air conditioner and are looking for ways to include a heating system without paying for a full-bore furnace, we strongly recommend installing a heat pump instead. What is a heat pump and how does it work? We’ve included a quick breakdown below.

A Reversible Air Conditioner?

The principles behind heat pump technology are no different than those of a more traditional air conditioner.  It entails an endlessly cycling loop of refrigerant, which is first compressed and converted from gaseous to liquid form (releasing heat outside your home), then moving into a series of coils that revert it back to gaseous form (pulling heat from the nearby air in the process). That cool air can then be blown into your home via the ducts.

A heat pump simply adds one additional feature to that equation: the flow of refrigerant can be reversed so that the air inside is heated and the air outside is cooled. That allows it to serve as a heater and an air conditioner in one. By using the refrigerant, the heat pump expends a lot less energy than more traditional forms of heating, which can save you money during the winter months. And because our winters are so mild, it can provide reliable heating for those cool nights when you’d normally bundle up a little bit.

If heat pumps sound like a good option for your home, call the pros at A Professional Heating and Air today to discuss your options!

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