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How to Prevent Breakdowns from an Older Air Conditioner

Late summer is the period when older air conditioners tend to struggle more than they should, and here in Madisonville, LA, “late summer” translates into “any date before Thanksgiving” most years. The weather may be cooling, but that doesn’t mean you’re done with your air conditioner, and with months of daily use already under its belt (to say nothing of the devastating flooding our area suffer through earlier in the year), the chances of a breakdown climb much higher during this part of the year. 

You can fight that possibility with a little careful prevention, enough to get an older AC system safely to the winter months, where you can assess its state and determine if if can keep going without the pressure of having to keep your house cool right now. here’s a few specific steps to help guide you.

Schedule Maintenance

If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance session from a trained professional yet in 2016, this is an ideal time to do so. The technician will correct little problems to help improve the AC’s efficiency — helping to reduce the strain on it for starters — but will also check for signs of more serious trouble. That lets you schedule repairs at your convenience instead of having to scramble in the face of unexpected trouble.

Tend to the System

In additional to formal maintenance, you can take steps yourself to reduce the strain on your system. Set the thermostat a little higher than you might otherwise to cut down on the strain. Change the filters on your system and clear away the space around the outdoor portion of your AC. Make sure that any exhaust vents are clear and look for obvious signs of trouble, like unexpected spikes in your energy bill and strange noises coming from your system. They’ll help you mitigate the strain and get a jump on any serious trouble.

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