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Is Your Thermostat Costing You Money?


We’re not like northerners down here, when November arrives and the temperatures sit right around freezing, we need powerful heating fast. A proper functioning furnace is a mainstay for many homes in the Livingston area.

That being said, sometimes your home can suffer from a plethora of heating problems that aren’t necessarily the fault of your electric furnace in Livingston, LA. In fact, problems can arise from a faulty thermostat if you’re not careful. From worn-out batteries, to miscalibrations, to malfunctions, to just simple broken thermostats, these systems can be a nightmare and end up costing you money on wasted energy.

So, if your heating system is struggling to prepare for the coming winter, and you’re sure that it’s not a problem with your furnace, you might be dealing with a thermostat problem!

A Personable Piece of Equipment

The thermostat is the part of your heater that you’ll come in contact with the most, so it should at least work, right? Well, often times the thermostat is the reason why a heater isn’t working the first place. We’re going to go through the most common issues with a thermostat with the hopes that you can be absolutely sure that yours is working as intended!

  • Electrical Problems. This is often the most common problem we see with thermostats. The fact that older models need their batteries replaced, and perhaps have batteries that are older than your kids, can usually cause problems. Replace the batteries and hire a technician if you think there’s a problem beyond that.
  • Matching Thermostat. Don’t try to install a thermostat on your own. These systems need to be matched with your furnace to install precision control. Keep yourself from the embarrassment of hooking up a commercial thermostat to your residential furnace.
  • Dust and Debris. Just like any electrical device, your thermostat should be clean and able to be operated easily. If there is any dust or debris under the buttons, on the screen, or inside the device, it could cause problems that will haunt you later on.
  • Age. Thermostats don’t last forever. We like to bring this up because every year there are new, more efficient and effective thermostats that can help you achieve the temperatures you desire. With accurate record keeping of energy consumption, reports on your heating bill, to even smartphone/Wi-Fi capabilities, a new thermostat could be well worth the money.

Not all heating problems occur within the furnace itself. Sometimes there can be an issue with a thermostat that is making your furnace look bad. While many of these complications might seem like bad news, optimistically speaking, the thermostat is one of the cheaper parts of your heating system to fix and replace.

If you’re dealing with thermostat problems, or you have a hunch that your little temperature gauge is about to go, contact our team of professionals today. This is not a job that should be left to an amateur or a family member, for as small as a thermostat may be, it’s a pretty big part of your HVAC system.

Do you suspect your thermostat to be the culprit of your heating problems? When you need it done right, call Professional Heating & Air.

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