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“Why Are Gas Furnaces So Common?”


This is a question we tend to see pretty often. It’s no doubt that most homeowners know by now that gas furnaces are the most popular heater in the United States, and for good reason! These systems are affordable, efficient, and reliably effective for the entirety of a cold winter.

However, sometimes that kind of “sales pitch” isn’t enough to convince homeowners that their home might be perfect for a new gas furnace. That’s why we’d like to get more into the specifics as to why a gas-powered furnace is so common. How affordable is furnace service in Laplace, LA? How efficiently do furnaces run compared to other heaters? What’s the difference in the quality of heat compared to other systems?

See? There’s a lot of ground to cover, so we might as well hit the ground running.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Furnaces wouldn’t be so common if they weren’t so effective. Most of the country experiences winter, but winter can be much more brutal in some areas. In order for a furnace to be beloved by so many homeowners in our part of the world, they need to be able to work in any climate, from mild winters to those few places that see temperatures dip below zero regularly.

Furnaces are reliable for the cost that they are. Heat pumps might still work in colder climates, and boilers might still be viable in the tropics, but the amount you’d end up paying for the heat you’d be receiving doesn’t come anywhere close to the trade-off you get with a furnace. Heat pumps lose efficiency when temperatures drop too low, and boilers might cost more than you’re willing to pay if you’re only going to use them sometimes.

Affordable and Clean-Burning Fuel

Natural gas is by far the most affordable fuel in the United States. It costs much less to burn than other gases like propane and can be even more affordable than electricity. Not only that, but natural gas also burns much cleaner than other types of fuel, releasing less harmful emissions and increasing efficiency in the process.


Gas furnaces are resilient machines. Very few qualified HVAC professionals don’t know how to repair or maintain a furnace system. That means you’ll have all the options for what company to choose when it comes to signing up for maintenance, calling for emergency repairs, or looking into a replacement system down the line. Boilers and heat pumps occupy more niche locations on the HVAC market, which means you won’t find as many contractors who service them.

The moral of the story is, furnaces are a great choice for those that just want reliable heating. These are a type of heater that is affordable, efficient, effective, and reliable in almost every way. We rarely hear of a homeowner that has a new furnace installation, only to wish they had a different system put in place. If you’re done worrying about how you’re going to heat your home this winter, give us a call today for your new furnace installation.

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