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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace This Off-Season

Question: When is the optimal time to replace a furnace?

Answer: Whenever you least need to use your furnace.

If you want to plan ahead for installing a new furnace (instead of waiting for your current one to break down—never a beneficial strategy), then the best time to take care of it during the coming spring and summer, when heating in Hammond, LA is not a priority. However, proper planning also requires knowing that you need to plan. Here are some of the warning signs you may encounter during the closing days of winter that you should schedule pre-emptive furnace replacement.

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Signs the time has arrived to retire your furnace

  • Steady rise in heating bills: As a furnace wears down with age, it will drain more power to perform its regular work load. If you have noticed a steady rise in your heating bills that you can’t trace to a specific malfunction, then you may have a furnace too old to do its job efficiently. Check on the manufacturer’s expected lifespan: if you furnace is approaching it, or even gone over it, than you should schedule a replacement.
  • Constant loud operation: Strange noises from a furnace cabinet usually signal repair needs. But if these noises become the rule rather than the exception, the furnace has deteriorated too far for any targeted repairs to restore it to its former working condition. Take special caution with gas furnaces, since this noisy operation could indicate problems that can lead to carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Large repair bills: If you have regular annual maintenance for your furnace (and you should) you can expect minimal repair needs. However, an old furnace will begin encountering operating problems no matter how well it has been maintained. Furnaces have the most repair needs during the last two years of their lives, and if you find yourself spend around $500 a year on repairs to keep the furnace running, then it’s no longer worth it.
  • Comfort just isn’t what it used to be: A more subjective sign, but combined with the others it can make all the difference. If you simply no longer feel warm and comfortable in a home with an older furnace, then it’s time for the furnace to go.

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